Reynolds Cup 2022 Registration

Dear Clay-friends,

The 11th biennial Reynolds Cup competition for quantitative mineral analysis is now closed (as at 1 April 2022).

The competition was open to anyone interested in quantitative mineral analysis, with particular emphasis on clay mineralogy. Information about the competition including guidelines and previous winners can be found at The competition is free for all to enter, however, those who are not members of the CMS are encouraged (but not obliged) to become members (see

A total of ~100 sets of samples was made available for distribution. Each set comprises three samples of ~3–4 g with mineral mixtures commonly found in clay-bearing rocks. All sets of samples will be distributed in the order of registration.

The top three contestants with the most accurate results will be announced at the 59th Annual Meeting of the Clay Minerals Society (July 25-29, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey). Only the names of the top three contestants will be published. The names of the other participants will remain strictly confidential.

Because of the popularity of the Reynolds Cup and the enormous amount of work put into its preparation, potential participants are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and only request samples if they are sure they can complete the analysis and return results to the organizers by the due date. Those who request samples and do not send in results or fail to return the samples unopened WELL BEFORE the due date will not be eligible to participate in future Reynolds Cups. A waiting list will be kept to offer returned samples to other potential participants.

Reynolds Cup 2022 organizers
Rieko Adriaens and Gilles Mertens
Qmineral Analysis and Consulting