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Special Source Clays issue (2001): $45.00

(D. Bain, ed., P. M. Costanzo and S. Guggenheim, guest eds.) Clays and Clay Minerals¨, volume 49, p. 371-453. This issue describes a variety of baseline studies of The Clay Minerals Society Source Clays and should be an invaluable reference for anyone using these clays. Individual copies of this issue are available at a cost of US $45 (including mailing costs).

Special Zeolite Issue (1981) $25.00 (F. A. Mumpton, ed.) Clays and Clay Minerals, volume 29, No. 5

Special Zeolite Issue (1981) $25.00 (F. A. Mumpton, ed.) Clays and Clay Minerals, volume 29, No. 5

The first six issues in this issue are based on some of the papers presented at the 6th International Conference on the Occurrence, Properties and Utilization of Natural Zeolites (ZEOLITE ’02) held at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, from June 3-7 2002. The scope of the conference was the presentation and discussion of the current developments and future perspectives of the science and technology of natural zeolites.

Other recent back issues of Clays and Clay Minerals¨ are available through the CMS OFFICE for $45 each or $265 per volume (six issues).

Kaolin Genesis and Utilization (1993): $20.00

(H. H. Murray, W. M. Bundy, & C. C. Harvey, eds.) ISBN 1-881208-05-2, 341 pp.

The editors have a combined experience in kaolin exploration, resource evaluation, and applications which exceeds 100 years. A series of contributed papers which covers the structure of the kaolins, their genesis and utilization, with case histories and research studies of kaolins from the U.S., U.K., Europe, China, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Cloth.

“… a good job of describing a surprising array of kaolins and how variations impact their utilization.” Garwin R. Powers, review in Journal of Sedimentary Research.

“… well worth the price… to the serious kaolin researcher or to a student of clay mineralogy, as well as to an individual who has only recently discovered kaolin minerals.” G. A. Austin, review in Economic Geology.

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