OA options in CCM

What are the benefits of Open Access publishing?

  • Everyone who wants to can access your work. There are no barriers.
  • Greater visibility and impact: In Cambridge hybrid journals, open access articles are accessed more often and cited 1.6 times more, on average, within the first three years of publication.
  • Compliance with mandates: Many funders require open access, and some take compliance into account when assessing future grant applications.
  • The copyright remains with the author: most Cambridge open access articles are published under the liberal Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY) license.

Read & Publish Deals

If your institution has a Read and Publish agreement with Cambridge, you may publish your article open access – at no cost to you. Check here for eligibility for open access publication.

No funding available?

If your institute is not covered by a Read & Publish Deal, and you cannot secure funds to cover the article processing charges, remember that it continues to be possible to publish in the “traditional way” in Clays and Clay Minerals. This means that there are no article charges but your paper is not Open Access in the way described in options 1 and 2 above.

However, a key service offered by Cambridge is so-called ‘Social Sharing‘. This allows authors to share a link with colleagues enabling them to read the content online without charge.

Submit your next paper at https://www2.cloud.editorialmanager.com/claysacm/default2.aspx