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2018, vol. 66
August 2018

Solvent-kaolinite interactions investigated using the 3D-RISM-KH molecular theory of solvation
Stanislav R.Stoyanov, Feng Lin, and Yuming Xu
Tables S1, S2

2018, vol. 66
June 2018

Quantitative X-ray powder diffraction and the illite polytype analysis method for direct fault rock dating: A comparison of analytical techniques
Austin Boles, Anja Schleicher, John Solum, and Ben van der Pluijm
Appendix S5, Figure S1, Table S1, Table S2, Table S3 Table S4

2017, vol. 65
October 2017

Testing high-voltage electrical discharges in disintegrating claystone for isotopic and mineralogical studies: an example using Opaninus claystone
Horst Zwingmann, Alfons Berger, Urs Eggenberger, Andrew Todd, and Marco Herwegh
Supplementary data

2017, vol. 65
June 2017

Solid-state 1H and 27Al NMR Studies of DMSO-kaolinite Intercalates
Jonathan Fafard, Victor Terskikh and Christian Detellier
Supplementary Figures S1, S2

2017, vol. 65
April 2017

Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Genesis of Bentonites in Miocene Volcanic-sedimentary Units of the Ankara-Çankiri Basin, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Selahattin Kadir, Tacit Külah, Nergis Önalgil, Hülya Erkoyun and W. Crawford Elliott
Supplementary Tables S1a, S1b, S1c, S1d

2017, vol. 65
April 2017

Characterization of the Second Package of the Alternative Buffer Material (ABM) Experiment – II Exchangeable Cation Population Rearrangement
R. Dohrmann and S. Kaufhold
Supplementary Table S1

2016, vol. 64
October 2016

XRD and TEM studies on nanophase manganese oxides in freshwater ferromanganese nodules from Green Bay, Lake Michigan
Seungyeol Lee and Huifang Xu
Supplementary table

2016, vol. 64
August 2016

Intercalation of ethylene glycol in smectites: Several molecular simulation models verified by X-ray diffraction data
Marek Szczerba and Andrey G. Kalinichev

2016, vol. 64
August 2016

Structure and dynamics of water–smectite interfaces: Hydrogen bonding and the origin of the sharp O–Dw/O–Hw infrared band from molecular simulations
Marek Szczerba, Artur Kuligiewicz, Arkadiusz Derkowski, Vassilis Gionis, Georgios D. Chryssikos, and Andrey G. Kalinichev

2016, vol. 64
August 2016

Molecular dynamics simulations of anion exclusion in clay interlayer nanopores
Christophe Tournassat, Ian C. Bourg, Michael Holmboe, Garrison Sposito, and Carl I. Steefel
Supplementary info

2015, vol. 63
December 2015

Formation and restacking of disordered smectite osmotic hydrates
Benjamin Gilbert, Luis R. Comolli, Ruth M. Tinnacher, Martin Kunz, and Jillian F. Banfield

Supplementary info

2015, vol. 63
June 2015

Composition and genesis of the nickel-chrome-bearing nontronite and montmorillonite in lateritized ultramafic rocsk in the Muratdagi Region (Usak, western Anatolia), Turkey
Extended Tables 2, 3

2014, vol. 62
August 2014

Mineralogical and isotopic record of diagenesis from the Opalinus Clay Formation at Benken, Switzerland: implications for the modeling of pore-water chemistry in a clay formation
Catherine Lerouge, Sylvain Grangeon, Francis Claret, Eric Gaucher, Philippe Blanc, Catherine Guerrot, Christine Flehoc, Guillaume Wille, and Martin Mazurek
Appendix 1, Appendix 2

2014, vol. 62
August 2014

Mineralogy , geochemistry, and genesis of mudstones in the Upper Miocene Mustafapașa member of the Ürgüp formation in the Cappadocia regoin, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Tacit Külah, Selahattin Kadir, Ali Gürel, Muhsin Eren, ad Nergis Önal;gil
Extended form of Table 2

2014, vol. 62
April 2014

Temperature effects on the crystallinity of synthetic nontronite and implications for nontronite formation in Columbia River Basalts
Leslie L. Baker and Daniel G. Strawn
Field maps and notes of J.A. Kittrick

2014, vol. 62
February 2014

Relative humidity-induced reversible hydration of sulfate-intercalated layered double hydroxides
S. Radha, K. Jayanthi, Josef Breu and P. Vishnu Kamath
Supporting information

2013, vol. 61
December 2013

Mineralogy of Egyptian bentonitic clays II: Geologic origin
Mohamed A. Agha, Ray E. Ferrel, George F. Hart, Mohamed S. Abu El Ghar, and A. Abdel-Motelib

Table of XRD data

2012, vol. 60
August 2012

Mineralogy of Egyptian bentonitic clays I: Discriminant Function Analysis
Mahomed A. Agha, Ray E. Ferrell, and George F. Hart 

Tables A1-A3

2011, vol. 59
August 2011

Interpretation of reflectance spectra of clay mineral-silica mixtures: implications for Martial clay mineralogy at Mawrth Vallis – Nancy K. McKeown, Janice L. Bishop, Javier Cuadros, Stephen Hillier, Elena Amador, Heather D. Makarewicz, Mario Parente, and Eli A. Silver

Supplementary figures 1-17

June 2011

Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics and genesis of the sepiolite deposits at Polatlı Basin (Ankara, Turkey) – Muazzez Çelik Karakaya, Necati Karakaya, and Abidin Temel

Table 4 Correlation coefficients of major and trace elements, and some element groups of dolostones, limestones, sepiolitic claystones, and detrital silicate-rich rocks.

2008, vol. 56
April 2008

Surface area and layer charge of smectite from CEC and EGME/H2O retention measurements – J. Środoń, and D. McCarty

Figure 1b-d. Figure 1.  TGA-MS curves for representative Ca-smectites: (a) Wyoming montmorillonite, (b) Garfield nontronite, (c) Otay montmorillonite, (d) Ballarat saponite.  Black curve = weight loss, gray curve = relative intensity of mass 18 spectrum.  Weight changes from start to 110 °C, start to 200 °C, 200 °C for 20 h, and from 200 °C at 20 h to 900 °C at 1 h are shown
Figure 3 Amount of H2O released at 200 °C (WBW) compared to (a) layer charge, Q, per formula unit, (b) tetrahedral charge per formula unit.
Figure 4 Amount of H2O released above 200 °C, after 20 h of isothermal heating (TBW) compared to layer charge, Q, per formula unit.
Figure 6 H2O coverage compared with CECcorr/TSSANr ratio. The regression is used to refine the TSSANr calculation (Table 7, column 9).
Figure 7 EGME coverage compared with CECcorr/TSSANr ratio.  The regression is used to refine the TSSANr calculation (Table 8, column 9).
Figure 8 Relationship between WBW/TSSAEXCH ratio and Qs (approximated by Q from Table 1).  The regression is used in combination with equation 11 to calculate Qs and TSSAEXCH from WBW and CEC (Table 9, columns 7 and 9).
Table 2 Peak position data (in Å) from oriented XRD preparations of glycolated and air-dry (47%RH) <0.2 mm fractions of studied smectites. The glycolated samples demonstrate the lack of mixed-layering by the integral series of 00l reflections, and the air-dry samples – the nature of water complex (see text for details).  Trace mineral contaminants are also listed.

February 2008

Pyroxene weathering to smectite: conventional and cryo-field emission scanning electron microscopy, Koua Bocca ultramafic complex, Ivory Coast – M. Velbel and W.W. Barker

Figure A1 Anaglyph of field of view in Figure 8, showing denticulated remnant with attached ‘cornflake-textured smectite. Air-dried sample. UW-M LEO FEG-SEM at 2.0 kV.
Figure A2 Anaglyph (at slightly lower magnification) of field of view in Figure 9, showing smectite microboxwork separated from denticulated pyroxene by large pore spaces.  Air-dried sample.  UW-M LEO FEG-SEM at 2.0 kV.
Figure A3 Anaglyph (at slightly lower magnification) of field of view in Figure 10 showing smectite microboxwork with imbricated arrays of face-to-fce oriented layers with little interlamellar porosity. Air-dried sample. UW-M LEO FEG-SEM at 3.0 kV.
Figure A4 Anaglyph of Figure 14, showing biofilm covering denticulated pyroxene.  Note the detailed preservation of the texture of biofilm (microbial community and extracellular polysaccharides).  HPF/freeze-etched sample.  UW-M Hitachi S900 FEG-SEM at 1.5 kV.
Figure A5 Anaglyph of Figure 19, showing denticulated pyroxene with spongy, void-filling, porous smectite.  Note the ‘tube’ of partially detached wavy smectite on a denticle in the lower left.  HPF/freeze-etched sample.  UW-M Hitachi S900 FEG-SEM at 1.5 kV.

February 2008

Geochemical records of a bentonitic acid-tuff succession related to a transgressive systems tract – indication of changes in the volcanic sedimentation rate – Z. Püspöki, M. Kozák, P. Kovács-Pálffy, J. Szepesi, R. McIntosh, P. Kónya, L. Vincze, and G. Gyula
Tables 1-3

2007, vol. 55
February 2007

Clay mineralogy of halloysite and alunite deposits in the Turplu area, Balikesir, Turkey – Ö. Işik Ece and Paul Schroeder

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