Electronic publishing policy

Journals Online

The Clay Minerals Society (CMS) makes Clays and Clay Minerals available in electronic form through its partnership with SpringerNature. The Clay Minerals Society is also a participating publisher in Elements (ISSN 18115209) and this is available online through the Elements website.


Titles, authors, and abstracts of articles in Clays and Clay Minerals are available to anyone at no cost at Springerlink. A subscription is
required to view the full text. Titles, authors, abstracts, and full text of articles in Elements (one month after publication) are available to anyone on the Elements website.

Use of Published Works Online

Material from Clays and Clay Minerals may be downloaded (one machine readable copy and one print copy per page) for personal, non-commercial use only.  A subscriber may not:

(a) sell, distribute, license, rent, further reproduce, transmit, modify, adapt, perform, display (including adaptations/displays such as by  “framing”, or otherwise exploit the material, or any element of it, for any commercial purpose; 
(b) make the material, or any element of it, available by any means to persons other than authorized users;
(c) make the material, or any element of it, available on, or by, electronic bulletin boards, news groups, Web sites, FTP or any other means of posting or transmitting
material on the Internet, an on-line service or wide area network; 
(d) store in electronic or any other form, any significant portion of the material;
(e) remove or obscure the CMS copyright notice from the material including hard-copy prints-out; 
(f) use the material to create any derivative work, product or service, or merge the material with any other product, database, or service; 
(g) alter, amend, modify, translate, or change the material; 
(h) undertake any activity which may have a damaging effect on Springer’s ability to achieve revenue through selling and marketing the material; 
(i) otherwise use the material supplied by Springer/CMS in a manner that would infringe the copyright or other proprietary rights contained within it; or  
(j) make the material or any part of it available by remote access to any person other than authorized users

Copyright and basic permissions

Much of the material contained on The Clay Minerals Society website and in its journal are protected under copyright and other laws of the United States, and, under international conventions, similar laws abroad.  Copyright of the materials contained on the CMS website,
including, but not limited to, the textual material, artwork, photographs, computer software, audio and visual elements, is owned by The Clay Minerals Society. In addition, copyright in the selection, arrangement and coordination of materials in this website is owned exclusively by CMS.

All materials on this site protected by United States copyright law may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of The Clay Minerals Society.  Trademark, copyright or other notice may not be altered or removed any from copies of the content.  Permission to reproduce material may be obtained by contacting the Society office (cms@clays.org).

Open-access and self-archiving

For CMS, the term ‘open-access’ means the full text of an article in the journal is made free to anyone from the moment it is published.  Springer will provide open-access to any article for which the author pays the APC (author pays charge).

The term ‘Self-archiving’ means the article is posted and made available on another institution’s website, presumably for free to anyone.  Read the Springer ‘Self-archiving’ policy here.

US National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) public access

The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) requests any author whose research received any direct support from NIH funding to submit their accepted, but not necessarily edited, manuscripts related to that research to PubMed Central , the digital library maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) within 12 months of acceptance.  PubMed Central will post the paper within 12 months of the final publication date.  This new policy is voluntary. Although the policy will only affect NIH-funded research, and very few CMS members or
publications, it will probably influence the future of publication and dissemination practices for all federally-funded scientists, publishers and funding agencies. The CMS has added the following statement to the Clays and Clay Minerals copyright assignment forms we ask authors to sign:

“The journal acknowledges that the author retains the right to provide a copy of the accepted manuscript as returned to CMS to NIH for public archiving in PubMed Central. CMS asks that the statement be added that deposited material was published in Clays and Clay
Minerals, and include the full citation and DOI.”