The Clay Minerals Society (CMS) owns the copyright on all material published in Clays and Clay Minerals, and The Clay Minerals Society Workshop Volumes. Works prepared by U.S. government employees in the course of their work are in the public domain and are not copyrighted by CMS.

Until 2019, CMS obtained copyright ownership from authors as a professional service. CMS’s holding of the copyright centralized the process and allowed permission to be given even if the author(s) can no longer be located. This also prevents materials from becoming unusable by the community because of uncertainty about who holds the copyright. Anyone wanting to reproduce articles, figures, tables, etc. needed only to contact CMS for permission to do so. There was no charge for reproducing materials in most cases.

For more recent journal content (from 2019 onwards), permission to reproduce copyright material is managed by an online process. Locate the item on the Cambridge University website and click on the ‘Rights and Permissions’ link. Follow the instructions.

For a more detailed explanation of our copyright policy, visit this page.