The Clay Minerals Society has contracted with Springer Nature to publish our journal Clays and Clay Minerals. Volume 67 (2019) was the first published by Springer Nature. When ordering our journal for 2022 and beyond, please speak to your library’s Springer Nature representative or visit Springer’s customer service centre.  Springer will provide access to the journal’s full archive as well as to the new content. Many thanks for your continuing support of our journal.



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Back issues

Back issues of the journal for the years 2015 – 2018 are available (Volumes 64-65) are available from the Society. Please contact us for availability and costs. Older volumes are available from:

Periodicals Service Company,
11 Main Street, Germantown,
NY 12526 

Ph: 518-537-4700 

For individual articles or abstracts, contact the Linda Hall Library. A list of other possible suppliers is available here. The Copyright Clearance Center can assist with copyright compliance needs.