Student research grants

CMS 2024 Research Grant Deadline Friday, March 1, 2024

(CMS Membership is not required)

The Clay Minerals Society annually awards several grants of up to $3000 through its student research grant program.


The Research Grant program provides partial financial support of research for students of clay science and technology.


Research Grant applications are judged on a competitive basis considering the qualifications of the applicant, the objectives of the research proposal, design of the research project and relation to Clay Science. Applicants selected will be nominated by a CMS Committee and approved by the CMS Council.  There are no restrictions with regard to nationality, gender or age.  CMS membership is not required.  Students may receive no more than a total of two travel awards (note: 2020 virtual travel awards will NOT count towards this total) and two research grant awards.  The highest-ranked research grant application, as determined by the Research Grants Committee, will be the recipient of the Robert C. Reynolds, Jr. Research Award. The award comes with a certificate and an extra $100.


Each applicant must complete a Research Grant Application available in hardcopy from the CMS Office ( or to Download here. The applicant must obtain 2 confidential evaluations from two faculty members (forms included in application package).

Use of Funds

Individual grant requests may be up to $3,000. Grant money may be used for the costs of travel by the grantee to conduct research, room and board associated with research-related field work, or for the costs of equipment, supplies, and analyses required to complete the research. Grant money may not be used for expenses incurred for travel to professional meetings to represent the results of this research. However, we strongly encourage grant recipients to present their research results at a future CMS meeting, and to apply for a Travel Grant at that time if funding for travel expenses is needed.

Recipients may apply for grants in subsequent years; however, no individual may receive more than one renewal of a previously funded project, or more than two grants for separate projects in separate years.

2023 Research Awardees

Opeyemi Aransiola, Georgia State Univ., Atlanta, GA, USA (Reynolds Awardee for highest scoring Research Grant), Kevin Byerly, Texas Tech Univ., Lubbock, TX, USA, Henry Crawford, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Emily Doyle, Texas Tech Univ., Lubbock, TX, USA, Hunter Green, Texas Tech Univ., Lubbock, TX, USA, Md. Zubaer Hosen, Univ. of New Castle, New South Wales, Australia, Kirsten Hawley, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN, USA, Jonathan Smolen, Univ. of Connecticut, Newtown CT, USA, Sen Wang, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Research Awardees that attended the CMS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas: Emily Doyle, Jonathan Smolen, Kevin Byerly and Hunter Green.

2022 Research Awardees

Maria Arizaleta, (Reynolds Awardee for highest scoring Research Grant), University of Alberta, Canada, Yuqing Bai, Comenius University of Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Savannah Rathbun, University of Mississippi, USA, Yadav Himanshu, Indian Institute of Tech Guwahati, India

2021 Research Awardees

Okoroafor Chiemena, University of Lagos, Nigeria, Amal Kanti Deb, The University of Newcastle, Australia, Trevor Dempsey, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi, USA, Anthony Feldman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Dorota Forfa, St. Mary’s University, Canada, Simin Zhao, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Reynolds Awardee

2020 Research Awardees

Adrian Broz, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA, Huseyin Demir, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA, Erin Gibbons, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Rachel Havranek, Univ of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA, Julia McIntosh, Southern Methodist Univ, Dallas, Texas, USA, Johns W. Roberson, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas, USA  – Reynolds Award, Mohammadhasan Sasar, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, Jonathan Smolen, Univ of Connecticut, Newton, Connecticut, USA, Kelly Tingle, Univ of California, Santa Barbara, California, USA, Christina Woltz, University of California, Sanata, Barbara, California, USA, Chaoqun Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

2019 Research Awardees

Zachary Burton, Stanford University, Tim Campbell, Montana State University, Bidemi Fashina, Texas A&M University, Ying Li, University of Illinois (Reynolds Award Winner for highest scoring Research Grant), Chia-Wei Lin, Texas A&M, Mohamed Mouafon, University of Yaounde, Cameroon, Julian Ramirez, Florida Internationl University

Presented: 2019 CMS 56th Annual Meeting, Euroclay, Paris, France.

2018 Research Awardees

Brian Ares, Michigan State University, Paolo Benavides, University of Illinois, Laura Fackrell, University of Georgia, Yayu Li, University of Connecticut, Sarick Matzen, (Reynolds Award Winner for highest scoring Research Grant), University of California, Berkeley , Mark Peterman, Mississippi State University, Holly Turner, University of Portsmouth

Presented: 2018 CMS 55th Annual Meeting, University of Illiois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinios.

2017 Research Awardees

Jeffrey Hannon, University of Cincinnati, Timothy Henderson (Reynolds Award Winner for highest scoring Research Grant) , Purdue University, Sarick Matzen, University of California, Berkeley, Jimoh Monsurat Omolola, LAUTECH, Nigeria, Boyoung Song, Temple University

Presented: 2017 54th CMS Annual Meeting, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.