Marion L. and Chrystie M. Jackson Mid-Career Clay Scientist Award


Application Deadline Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Award Description

The Award is to recognize mid-career scientists for excellence in the contribution of new knowledge to clay minerals science through original and scholarly research. The Awardee is to be within the ages of 39 and 60.

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations for the Jackson Award will only be accepted from active members of the Society. Members of the Committee for Awards are not eligible to submit nominations. The nominator needs to prepare a cover letter and a resume of the nominee. (Supporting letters are not required.) The cover letter should summarize the major accomplishments and contributions of the nominee to clay mineral science. The cover letter should explain why the nominee is especially well qualified to receive the Jackson Award. The resume of the nominee should not exceed 4 pages and it can be prepared with assistance from the nominee. Nominating materials must be received by the committee chair no later than Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Electronic Submission is preferred:

Submit the nomination package to:

David Bish, Committee Chair

The Award Committee, in recommending the candidate to the CMS Council, shall prepare a brief statement summarizing the major accomplishments and contributions of the nominee to clay minerals science. This statement shall be read as part of the award presentation by the Society President.

Selection: The Awardee is selected by the CMS Awards committee and approved by the CMS Council. At the discretion of the CMS Awards Committee, the file of an unsuccessful candidate for the award may be carried forward with appropriate updates for the next year.

Expectations: The Awardee will be presented the award at the Annual Meeting of The Clay Minerals Society. A plenary lecture of no longer than 45 minutes shall be presented by the Awardee.

Award Amount and Expenses: The CMS will pay an honorarium and travel expenses. The local committee provides hotel lodging.

Current Recipient

Awardee: Prof. Hongping He
To Be Presented: The CMS 2022 Annual Meeting, Istanbul Turkey
Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong, China

Past Recipients

1992 – Joseph W. Stucki
1993 – Jan Srodon
1994 – Stephen Guggenheim
1995 – David L. Bish
1996 – Darrell G. Schulze
1997 – Jerry M. Bigham
1998 – Murray McBride
1999 – Stephen Boyd
2000 – Jillian Banfield
2008 – Hailiang Dong
2009 – Lynda B. Williams

2001 – Cliff T. Johnston
2002 – Sridhar Komarneni
2003 – Peter Komadel
2004 – Fred J. Longstaffe
2005 – Samuel J. Traina
2006 – J. Theo Kloprogge
2007 – Paul A. Schroeder
2010 – Toshihiro Kogure
2011 – Douglas K. McCarty
2012 – Jeffery Post
2013 – George Christidis


2014 – Will P. Gates
2015 – Balwant Singh
2016 – Janice Bishop
2018 – Stephen Hillier
2019 – Colleen M. Hansel
2020 – Eric E. Roden

2021 – Hongping He