George W. Brindley Clay Science Lecture

Application Deadline Tuesday, March 1, 2022


Award Description

The G. W. Brindley Clay Science Lecture recognizes a clay scientist who will infuse the Society with new ideas, someone who is both a dynamic speaker and involved in innovative research. Dr. Brindley himself approved the concept of the Lecture, and the speaker should deliver a lecture that Brindley himself would applaud.

The Brindley lecturer will also have the opportunity to present a public talk designed to broaden and advance ideas in Clay Science. The target audiences include groups of 20 or larger assembled at a public forum, such as colloquia held at colleges/universities, special events, or at societal meetings not normally focused on Clay Science. The subject is at the discretion of the Brindley Lecturer; its content should be crafted in a way to reach a broad range of scientific interests, beyond Clay Science. CMS agrees to pay up to $3000 for travel expenses.

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations should consist of a cover letter from the nominator, a curriculum vitae, and two supporting letters. Nominating materials must be received by the committee chair no later than Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Electronic submission is preferred.

Submit the nomination package to:

David Bish, Committee Chair

Selection: The Awardee is selected by the CMS Awards committee and approved by the CMS Council. At the discretion of the CMS Awards Committee, the file of an unsuccessful candidate for the award may be carried forward with appropriate updates for the next year.

Expectations: The Awardee will be presented the award at the Annual Meeting of The Clay Minerals Society and will present a plenary lecture on the subject for which he/she is being recognized. The Brindley Lecturer will also have the opportunity to present a public talk designed to broaden and advance ideas in Clay Science.

Award Amount and Expenses: The CMS will pay an honorarium and travel expenses. The local committee provides hotel lodging.

Current Recipient

Awardee: Dr. Bruno Lanson
Presented: The CMS 2019 Annual Meeting, Euroclay, Paris, France
ISTerre, Universite Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France
Lecture Title: “Crystal Structure of Defective Lamellar Minerals and their X‐ray Identification: Implications for Reactivity”

Past Recipients

1984 – Walter Keller
1985 – J. J. Fripiat
1986 – Ralph E. Grim
1987 – S. W. Bailey
1988 – M. L. Jackson
1989 – W. D. Johns
1990 – Alain Baronnet
1991 – Thomas J. Pinnavaia
1992 – Philip Low
1993 – Dennis D. Eberl

1994 – R. C. Reynolds, Jr.
1995 – Gerhard Lagaly
1996 – Samuel M. Savin
1997 – Paul H. Nadeau
1998 – Bruce Velde
1999 – Richard Eggleton
2000 – D. M. Moore
2001 – Robert Schoonheydt
2002 – David L. Bish
2003 – Alain Manceau

2005 – Maria F. Brigatti
2008 – Robert Gilkes
2009 – M. F. Hochella Jr
2010 – Randall T. Cygan
2013 – Andrey Kalinichev
2017 – Sridhar Komarneni
2018 – Cliff T. Johnston
2019 – Bruno Lanson
2020 – No award Made

2021 – No Award Made