The Clay Minerals Society Marilyn and Sturges W. Bailey Distinguished Member Award

Application Deadline Friday, March 1, 2024

Award Description

The Marilyn and Sturges W. Bailey Award, the highest honor of The Clay Minerals Society (CMS), is awarded solely for scientific eminence in clay mineralogy (in its broadest sense) as evidenced primarily by the publication of outstanding original scientific research and by the impact of this research on the clay sciences. Service to clay mineralogy, teaching, and administrative accomplishments are not considered in the evaluation of nominees.

This Award, endowed by Linda and David Bailey, is equivalent to and supersedes the Distinguished Member Award. Bailey Award recipients are considered Distinguished Members of CMS. This Award is not restricted to members of CMS.

Nomination Guidelines

The nomination shall consist of a nominating letter from the nominator, the resume of the nominee, and three supporting letters solicited by the nominator. The nomination letter should summarize the major accomplishments and contributions of the nominee to clay minerals science, and explain why the nominee is especially well qualified to receive the Marilyn and Sturges W. Bailey Award. Supporting letters should outline the nominee’s qualifications in light of the criteria above. Effective nominating material may include a discussion of the nature and significance of the nominee’s research; the extent of the nominee’s publication record; and the impact of the nominee’s research as evidenced by measures such as number and nature of citations, other awards, etc.

Nomination packages should follow a standardized format similar to that below, to ensure fair comparisons among nominees.

  • Letter addressed to the Award Committee Chair from the nominator, formally submitting the person’s name for consideration
  • Nominee’s Resume
  • Three letters of support of the nomination, solicited by the nominator

Nominating materials must be received by the Awards Committee Chair by e-mail no later than Friday, March 1, 2024.

Submit the nomination package to:

Professor Joseph W. Stucki
Awards Committee Chair
Phone: 217-333-9636


The Awardee will be selected by the CMS Awards Committee and approved by the CMS Council.  The decision of the Council will be announced at the 2024 Annual Meeting. At the discretion of the CMS Awards Committee, an unsuccessful candidate for the Award may be renominated the next year.  A nominee will only be considered for three consecutive years, unless an extension is granted by the Awards Committee.


The Award will be presented at the 2025 Annual Meeting of The Clay Minerals Society, at which the Awardee will be expected to present a plenary lecture.

 Award Amount and Expenses

The CMS will pay an honorarium and travel expenses as specified in the Award letter sent by the President of CMS. The local organizing committee will provide conference registration and lodging accommodations.

Current Recipient

Awardee: Dr. Randall T. Cygan
Presented:The CMS 2023 Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas
Affiliation: Retired, Sandia National Laboratory
Lecture Title: “The Very Model of a Modern Major Mineral-Molecular Simulation and the Advancement of Clay Mineralogy”

Past winners

1968 – Ralph E. Grim
1969 – C. S. Ross
1970 – Paul F. Kerr
1971 – Walter D. Keller
1972 – G. W. Brindley
1975 – William F. Bradley
1975 – Sturges W. Bailey
1975 – Jose J. Fripiat
1977 – M. L. Jackson
1979 – Toshio Sudo
1980 – Haydn H. Murray
1984 – C. Edmund Marshall
1985 – Charles E. Weaver
1988 – Max M. Mortland
1989 – R. C. Reynolds, Jr.
1990 – Joe L. White

1990 – John Hower
1991 – Joe B. Dixon
1992 – Philip F. Low
1993 – Thomas J. Pinnavaia
1995 – W. D. Johns
1996 – Victor A. Drits
1997 – Udo Schwertmann
1998 – Brij L. Sawhney
2000 – Boris Zvyagin
2001 – Keith Norrish
2002 – Gerhard Lagaly
2004 – Benny K. G. Theng
2005 – M. Jeff Wilson
2006 – Frederick J. Wicks
2007 – No Award Made
2008 – Norbert Clauer

2009 – Joseph W Stucki
2010 – J. M. Serratosa
2011 – Sridhar Komarneni
2012 – Akihiko Yamagishi
2013 – Stephen Guggenheim
2015 – James Kirkpatrick
2016 – Lisa Heller-Kallai
2018 – Gordon “Jock” Churchman
2019 – Dennis “Denny” Eberl
2020 – Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky
2021 – David L. Bish

2022 – Jin-Ho Choy
2023 – Randall T. Cygan
2024 – Jan Srodon (to present at the 2024 Annual Meeting)