2021 Meeting

14–15 October 2021: CMS Workshop

International Workshop on Clay Minerals in Healthcare Applications

Renowned experts will be among those contributing to diverse aspects on this topic. Discussions will range from historical aspects linked to the traditional medical and pharmaceutical to the use of clays in gene transfection by association of DNA with certain clay minerals.

The programme is based on two special issues of Clays and Clay Minerals on ‘Clay Minerals in Health Applications’ and ‘Clay Minerals in Healthcare’ to be published in 2021 and incorporating contributions by colleagues from Qing Yang Institute for Industrial Minerals, China.

 (58th CMS meeting)

Because of the global pandemic, the ICC meeting has been postponed from 2021 to 2022. This means that the meeting originally planned for 2022 has been cancelled and a new, online-only event for 2021 has been assembled. The following details have been arranged so far, but these are subject to change. As soon as details are confirmed, this page will be updated and members and others will be notified via the usual channels.

Confirmed speakers

  • Lynda Williams et al.: Evaluating in vivo applications of a natural antibacterial clay to wound infection
  • Pilar Aranda & Ruiz-Hitzky et al.: Clay-based bionanocomposite films for wound dressing applications
  • Bernard Lopez et al. : Title to be confirmed
  • Giora Rytwo et al.: Health protection using clay minerals: a case study based on the removal of BPA and BPS from water
  • Yuri Lvov et al.: Title to be confirmed 
  • Rawil Fakhrullin et al.:  Self-assembly of halloysite nanoclay for hair surface engineering
  • Ana Alcântara & Vera Constantino: Layered clays as versatile nanodevices to drug delivery systems
  • César Viseras & Alberto Galindo et al.: Clays in cosmetics and personal care products