Clays and Clay Minerals: Open Access and Open Archives

Open Access articles, i.e. articles for which an Author Publication Charge (APC) has been paid, may be shared and posted to websites or servers without permission. However, if you reuse figures or other parts of the article you must acknowledge the source of the material and you must comply with normal publishing ethics.

At CMS, open access (often called ‘Gold Open Access’) means the full text of an article in the journal posted on the Ingenta site and on GeoScienceWorld is made available to anyone from the moment it is published by the authors paying the article processing fee. Our open access fees are priced at the per page creation cost to us (currently $250 per published page). The author(s) may also link to the article from any other site (or download the file). Fees must be paid in full before your article can published.

Public Access. If you are required to make your paper freely available 12 months post-publication, often called ‘Green Open Access’, you retain the right to do so in the ‘License to Publish agreement’ with CMS. Note that particular funders may have other requirements (from filing or posting in a specific repository to metadata); authors are responsible for any and all of these.

Other Articles All articles published by The Clay Minerals Society which are not 'Open Access' are subject to the conditions below.

• Corresponding and contributing authors have transferred copyright or have granted full publishing rights in their work to The Clay Minerals Society.

• Authors who have granted a licence to publish are subject to the terms and conditions of use given below. They also retain the rights outlined below.

1. Patent and trademark rights.

2. The right to be identified as the Author (i.e. by asserting authors’ moral rights under copyright law).

3. Between the time of acceptance+copy-editing, a pre-typesetting version of the article will be “pre-published” on a Clay Minerals Society server until such time as final version of record is posted.

4. 12 months after the version of record has been published by The Clay Minerals Society, the right to post a ‘postprint’ (i.e. a copy of the version of record) on authors’ personal web pages or on an institutional web site or repository maintained by the institution to which they are affiliated. This must be accompanied by a link to the article’s abstract on a Clay Minerals Society-supported server.

5. The right to incorporate the content of the contribution in other works of which they are the author, including personal compilations and books of which they are the author. Note, however, that each use must contain an acknowledgement of the journal/book as the original source of publication in the form: [Journal/Book] [Volume/Publication Year] [URL of the item as published by The Clay Minerals Society] © The Clay Minerals Society [Year].

• All requests to reproduce or re-use the whole or a substantial part of authors’ contributions in another publication will be at the discretion of the Editor in Chief.