Potassium-Depleted Muscovite. Part I. Preparation Using Filtration Process for Treatment with Molten Lithium Nitrate1

R. D. Bronson, J. M. Spain2 and J. L. White
Agronomy Department, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana
1 Journal Article no. 1510, Purdue, University Agr. Exp. Sta., Lafayette, Indiana.
2 Present address: North Carolina State College, c/o P.C.E.A. Edificio Ministerio de Trabajo, Lima, Peru.

Abstract: The reaction between molten lithium nitrate and muscovite does not go to completion in a single treatment because of the equilibrium restriction imposed by the presence of potassium in the melt. An apparatus consisting of a stainless steel vessel with a porous stainless steel filter, valve and vacuum connections was designed to eliminate this restriction and to provide for more complete removal of the equilibrium melt in each successive treatment.

Macroscopic swelling of the muscovite in the molten lithium nitrate was observed after prolonged treatment. x-Ray diffraction examination of samples of solidified melt revealed intracrystalline swelling in the muscovite.

Clays and Clay Minerals; 1959 v. 8; no. 1; p. 39-43; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1959.0080107
© 1959, The Clay Minerals Society
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