X-ray and Infrared Data on Hectorite-Guanidines and Montmorillonite-Guanidines1

Carl W. Beck2 and George Brunton
The Pure Oil Company, Research Center, Crystal Lake, Illinois
1 Published by permission of The Pure Oil Company.
2 Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Abstract: Clay-organic complexes of the clay minerals sodium hectorite and sodium montmorillonite with the hydrochlorides of guanidine, amino-guanidine, methylguanidine, and triaminoguanidine were examined for thermal stability by the oscillating-heating x-ray technique. Completely exchanged complexes increase the thermal stability of these two clays by as much as 275°C.

Infrared analyses were also made on these same clay-organic complexes. There is a marked difference between the infrared patterns of the clay-organic complexes and the patterns of the clays or the organic salts alone. More experimental work must be done before it will be possible to interpret completely the clay-organic infrared patterns.

Clays and Clay Minerals; 1959 v. 8; no. 1; p. 22-38; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1959.0080106
© 1959, The Clay Minerals Society
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