Temperature Stabilities of Montmorillonite- and Vermiculite-Glycol Complexes1

W. F. Bradley, R. A. Rowland, E. J. Weiss and C. E. Weaver
Illinois State Geological Survey, Urbana, Illinois; Shell Development Company, Houston, Texas; The University of Texas, Austin, Texas; Shell Oil Company, Houston, Texas
1 Publication no. 122, Shell Development Company, Exploration and Production Research Division, Houston, Texas.

Abstract: Stabilities of Mg-, Ca-, and Na-montmorillonite- and vermiculite-glycol complexes are compared by heating experiments with the oscillating-heating x-ray powder diffraction method. In the course of expulsion of glycol from the 17A two-layer glycol complexes of the Mg-, Ca-, and Na-montmorillonites, a 14A one-layer complex is encountered which is substantially the same as the 14A one-layer vermiculite-glycol complex. One-dimensional Fourier methods are utilized for analysis of interlayer liquid distributions.

Clays and Clay Minerals; 1956 v. 5; no. 1; p. 348-355; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1956.0050129
© 1956, The Clay Minerals Society
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