Layer Charge and Interlamellar Expansion in a Muscovite1

Joe L. White
Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana
1 Journal Paper no. 994, Purdue University Agricultural Experiment Station, Lafayette, Indiana.

Abstract: Treatment of a muscovite (Delamica) with molten lithium nitrate produced a lowering of the layer charge on the mica. By gradual reduction of the density of surface charge the dependence of interlamellar expansion on the attainment of a critical value of about 6.7 × 104 e.s.u./cm2 was demonstrated in a straightforward manner.

Clays and Clay Minerals; 1956 v. 5; no. 1; p. 289-294; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1956.0050124
© 1956, The Clay Minerals Society
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