Interstratification of Layer Silicates in Two Soil Clays

W. R. Schmehl1 and M. L. Jackson
Department of Soils, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
1 Present address, Department of Agronomy, Colorado A and M College, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Abstract: X-ray and chemical analyses were made of two soil clays from Colorado. X-ray diffraction analysis of glycerol-solvated samples oriented in parallel gave poor diffraction patterns. Randomly oriented powder x-ray diffraction analysis showed an intense 4.45 A band indicating the predominance of layer silicates. Total potassium analysis confirmed the presence of illite. Cation-exchange capacity and specific-surface measurements showed that high-charge layer silicates were present. The effect of differential cation saturation and differential heat treatment on the x-ray diffraction patterns of parallel oriented samples suggests interstratification of layer silicates in these soil clays.

Clays and Clay Minerals; 1955 v. 4; no. 1; p. 423-428; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1955.0040147
© 1955, The Clay Minerals Society
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