Wet-to-Dry Transition of Smectite as Revealed by Humidity-Controlled Electron Microscopy

Kazue Tazaki, W. S. Fyfe, K. Fukushima and A. Fukami
Department of Geology Shimane University Nishikawatsu, Matsue Shimane 690, Japan
Department of Geology University of Western Ontario London, Ontario N6A 5B7 Canada
Department of Physics College of Humanities and Sciences Nihon University Sakurajosui Setagaya Tokyo 156, Japan
Key Words: Humidity control • Morphology • Smectite • Transmission electron microscopy • Wet-to-dry transition

Clays and Clay Minerals; June 1990 v. 38; no. 3; p. 327-330; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1990.0380313
© 1990, The Clay Minerals Society
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