Comparison of Experimental and Calculated X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data for Boehmite

Rodney T. Tettenhorst and Charles E. Corbató
Department of Geology and Mineralogy Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio 43210
1 The term crystallite is herein used to mean the coherent X-ray scattering volume which is normally less than or equal to the volume of the “crystal” (if it is an individual) or a “grain” if it is composed of one or more crystals.
Key Words: Boehmite • Crystallite size • Debye scattering equation • Stacking faults • X-ray powder diffraction

Clays and Clay Minerals; April 1988 v. 36; no. 2; p. 181-183; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1988.0360213
© 1988, The Clay Minerals Society
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