Negative Adsorption in Clay-Water Systems with Interacting Double Layers

A. K. Helmy, I. M. Natale and M. E. Mandolesi
Universidad Nacional del Sur, 8000 Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Abstract: A relation was derived which describes negative adsorption (salt exclusion) in systems in which double layer interaction takes place but where the surface potential remains finite, such as in clay pastes and sediments. Exclusion volumes calculated for montmorillonite pastes in equilibrium with 1:1 type electrolytes were found to compare favorably with data obtained by F. A. M. de Haan in an earlier study.

Key Words: Adsorption • Clay-water systems • Double layer • Negative adsorption • Salt exclusion

Clays and Clay Minerals; August 1980 v. 28; no. 4; p. 262-266; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1980.0280403
© 1980, The Clay Minerals Society
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