New Stability Diagrams of some Phyllosilicates in the SiO2—Al2O3—K2O—H2O System

W. H. Huang and W. D. Keller
Department of Geology, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida 33620, U.S.A.

Abstract: Aluminum is treated as a mobile, reactive component in newly designed stability diagrams for the SiO2—Al2O3—K2O—H2O system. The diagrams show that the stability field of kaolinite is strongly dependent on pH at or below 6·7 but at 6·7 or greater the stability field is independent of pH, and also that in present sea water, K-mica is a stable phase with respect to kaolin minerals. Natural waters from present-day, kaolin-forming localities in Mexico and Kentucky are consistent with theoretical interpretations from these stability diagrams.

Clays and Clay Minerals; October 1973 v. 21; no. 5; p. 331-336; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1973.0210509
© 1973, The Clay Minerals Society
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