Differential Release of Potassium from Interstratified Mica Clay Minerals as Related to Probable Differences in Their Mica Layer Components*

G. J. Ross and H. Kodama
Soil Research Institute, Canada Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
* Contribution No. 315.

Abstract: Release of potassium by extraction with solutions containing sodium tetraphenyl boron or by leaching with 0·1 N barium chloride seemed to be related to the nature of the mica layers in the interstratified minerals studied. The rate of potassium release was lower when the calculated Si/AlIV ratio of the mica component layers resembled muscovite and higher when this ratio was intermediate between muscovite and pyrophyllite. This supported a recent hypothesis that the composition and structure of the mica component layers may vary in different interstratified minerals of similar total chemical composition.

Clays and Clay Minerals; September 1970 v. 18; no. 3; p. 151-156; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1970.0180304
© 1970, The Clay Minerals Society
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