Discussions and Recommendations Concerning the Nomenclature of Clay Minerals and Related Phyllosilicates*

G. W. Brindley
Materials Research Laboratory, and Department of Geochemistry and Mineralogy, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pa
* Extensive references (almost quotations), to the C.I.P.E.A. clay mineral nomenclature proposals and to the I.M.A. report are made with the approval respectively of Dr. R. C. Mackenzie and Dr. M. Fleischer.
Chairman of The Clay Minerals Society nomenclature committee.

Abstract: Attempts to find a generally acceptable scheme of classification and nomenclature for clay minerals by the nomenclature committees of The Clay Minerals Society (C.M.S.), the Comité International pour l'Étude des Argiles (C.I.P.E.A.), and the International Mineralogical Association (I.M.A.) are summarized. The C.M.S. committee has been working on this problem continuously since 1961 and has transmitted its views to C.I.P.E.A., first at the time of the Stockholm meeting, 1963, and subsequently, in more detail, after receiving the first draft of the C.I.P.E.A. proposals. The C.I.P.E.A. committee held discussions in Stockholm, 1963, and subsequently submitted a first draft to 32 nations; from the replies received, a final draft of the C.I.P.E.A. proposals was prepared and submitted to the I.M.A. in 1964. The report from the I.M.A. was made available in August, 1965.

Clays and Clay Minerals; 1966 v. 14; no. 1; p. 27-34; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.1966.0140103
© 1966, The Clay Minerals Society
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