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Contents: June 2000, Volume 48, Issue 3

Donald R. Peacor, Raymond M. Coveney, Jr. and Zhao Gengmei
Authigenic Illite and Organic Matter: The Principal Hosts of Vanadium in the Mecca Quarry Shale at Velpen, Indiana
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 311-316. [Abstract] [PDF]
Victor James Polyak and Necip Güven
Authigenesis of Trioctahedral Smectite in Magnesium-Rich Carbonate Speleothems in Carlsbad Cavern and Other Caves of the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 317-321. [Abstract] [PDF]
Silvia G. Acebal, Ana Mijovilovich, Elsa H. Rueda, María E. Aguirre and Celia Saragovi
Iron-Oxide Mineralogy of a Mollisol from Argentina: A Study by Selective-Dissolution Techniques, X-Ray Diffraction, and Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 322-330. [Abstract] [PDF]
Jiří Hybler, Václav Petříček, Slavomil Ďurovič and Ĺubomír Smrčok
Refinement of the Crystal Structure of Cronstedtite-1T
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 331-338. [Abstract] [PDF]
S. de la Fuente, J. Cuadros, S. Fiore and J. Linares
Electron Microscopy Study of Volcanic Tuff Alteration to Illite-Smectite under Hydrothermal Conditions
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 339-350. [Abstract] [PDF]
I. Tonguç Uysal, Suzanne D. Golding and Frank Audsley
Clay-Mineral Authigenesis in the Late Permian Coal Measures, Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 351-365. [Abstract] [PDF]
Cristina de Santiago Buey, Mercedes Suárez Barrios, Emilia García Romero and Mercedes Doval Montoya
Mg-Rich Smectite “Precursor” Phase in the Tagus Basin, Spain
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 366-373. [Abstract] [PDF]
Blanca Bauluz, Donald R. Peacor and Jose Manuel Gonzalez Lopez
Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of Illitization in Pelites from the Iberian Range, Spain: Layer-by-Layer Replacement?
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 374-384. [Abstract] [PDF]
J. Pires, M. Brotas de Carvalho, A.P. Carvalho, J.M. Guil and J.A. Perdigón-Melón
Heats of Adsorption of N-Hexane by Thermal Gravimetry with Differential Scanning Calorimetry (TG-DSC): A Tool for Textural Characterization of Pillared Clays
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 385-391. [Abstract] [PDF]
Masashi Iwasaki, Masaki Kita, Kengo Ito, Atsuya Kohno and Koushi Fukunishi
Intercalation Characteristics of 1,1′-Diethyl-2,2′-Cyanine and Other Cationic Dyes in Synthetic Saponite: Orientation in the Interlayer
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 392-399. [Abstract] [PDF]
Kenji Tamura, Hirohisa Yamada and Hiromoto Nakazawa
Stepwise Hydration of High-Quality Synthetic Smectite with Various Cations
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 400-404. [Abstract] [PDF]
Katja Emmerich

Spontaneous Rehydroxylation of a Dehydroxylated Cis-Vacant Montmorillonite
Clays and Clay Minerals 2000 48 : 405-408. [Abstract] [PDF]