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Contents: June 1994, Volume 42, Issue 3

E. Srasra, F. Bergaya and J. J. Fripiat
Infrared Spectroscopy Study of Tetrahedral and Octahedral Substitutions in an Interstratified Illite-Smectite Clay
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 237-241. [Abstract] [PDF]
Frederic Hetzel, Daniel Tessier, Anne-Marie Jaunet and Harvey Doner
The Microstructure of Three NA+ Smectites: The Importance of Particle Geometry on Dehydration and Rehydration
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 242-248. [Abstract] [PDF]
Mark K. Titulaer, J. Ben H. Jansen and John W. Geus
The Quantity of Reduced Nickel in Synthetic Takovite: Effects of Preparation Conditions and Calcination Temperature
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 249-258. [Abstract] [PDF]
Hi-Soo Moon, Yungoo Song and S. Y. Lee
Supergene Vermiculitization of Phlogopite and Biotite in Ultramafic and Mafic Rocks, Central Korea
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 259-268. [Abstract] [PDF]
Taihe Zhou and Stephen K. Dobos
Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Kaolinite from the “White Section,” Black Ridge, Clermont, Central Queensland: Implications for the Age and Origin of the “White Section”
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 269-275. [Abstract] [PDF]
Ph. Ildefonse, R. J. Kirkpatrick, B. Montez, G. Calas, A. M. Flank and P. Lagarde
27Al MAS NMR and Aluminum X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure Study of Imogolite and Allophanes
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 276-287. [Abstract] [PDF]
Shigeo Satokawa, Yasushi Osaki, Soichiro Samejima, Ritsuro Miyawaki, Shinji Tomura, Yasuo Shibasaki and Yoshiyuki Sugahara
Effects of the Structure of Silica-Alumina Gel on the Hydrothermal Synthesis of Kaolinite
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 288-297. [Abstract] [PDF]
Chandrika Varadachari, Mahammad Kudrat and Kunal Ghosh
Evaluation of Standard Free Energies of Formation of Clay Minerals by an Improved Regression Method
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 298-307. [Abstract] [PDF]
Thierry Delineau, Thierry Allard, Jean-Pierre Muller, Odile Barres, Jacques Yvon and Jean-Maurice Cases
FTIR Reflectance vs. EPR Studies of Structural Iron in Kaolinites
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 308-320. [Abstract] [PDF]
Shihua Tu, Geza J. Racz and Tee Boon Goh
Transformations of Synthetic Birnessite as Affected by pH and Manganese Concentration
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 321-330. [Abstract] [PDF]
W. E. Dubbin, Tee Boon Goh, D. W. Oscarson and F. C. Hawthorne
Properties of Hydroxy-Al and -Cr Interlayers in Montmorillonite
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 331-336. [Abstract] [PDF]
Peggy A. O'Day, George A. Parks and Gordon E. Brown, Jr.
Molecular Structure and Binding Sites of Cobalt(II) Surface Complexes on Kaolinite from X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 337-355. [Abstract] [PDF]
Wei-Zi Wang and Pa Ho Hsu
The Nature of Polynuclear OH-Al Complexes in Laboratory-Hydrolyzed and Commercial Hydroxyaluminum Solutions
Clays and Clay Minerals 1994 42 : 356-368. [Abstract] [PDF]