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As agreed at the Society's May 2014 Council Meeting and discussed briefly at the Business Meeting of the CMS, we have a new monthly newsletter coming straight to your in-box. This newsletter will convey useful information about forthcoming conferences of interest, information about the recently published papers in Clays and Clay Minerals, and snippets of general interest to the clay community which can include information about jobs, grants/funding and other items of broad interest to the CMS. Some information will parallel the information given in Elements but will be more up-to-the-minute.

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  • About The Clay Minerals Society Newsletters


    (revised 08/15/2014)

    The Clay Minerals Society's newsletter, CMS News, was published from 1989-2003. In 2004 the society discontinued publication of CMS News in favor of joining the new multi-society magazine. The first issue of Elements was published in January 2005.

    Elements is an international magazine of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Petrology, published jointly by a group of like-minded societies (

    Every issue explores a theme of broad and current interest in the mineral and geochemical sciences. Elements also presents regular features like a calendar of events, short course announcements, highlights of groundbreaking papers, awards, conference reports, policy news, as well as news of the Societies.

    Elements publishes peer-reviewed invited papers for its thematic collection of papers. Themes of interest can be proposed to the editors and the members of the Advisory Board who will review every proposal submitted.

    Members of the participating societies receive a subscription to Elements as a benefit of membership. Institutional subscribers to Clays and Clay Minerals, American Mineralogist, The Canadian Mineralogist, Mineralogical Magazine and Clay Minerals also receive Elements as a benefit of subscription.

    Members who have a news item they'd like to include in Elements should contact the News Editor, Ian Bourg.

    Our most sincere gratitude goes to Jo Eberl, the CMS News editor from 1989-2000, and Jessica Elzea Kogel, who edited the newsletter until 2004.