Crystal Shape Bingo

By Dr. Audrey C. Rule
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Copyright 1997, The Clay Minerals Society

Permission is given to teachers to reproduce this work for classroom use only. All other rights reserved. Sale, distribution, or other reproduction of this work is expressly prohibited without written permission from The Clay Minerals Society.

A pdf file can be downloaded that contains all of the images necessary to play Crystal Shape Bingo. Click here to download the file.

Game directions:

Age Range of Players: Ages 8 years to adult

Objective: This game provides students with practice in recognizing three-dimensional crystal shapes and planar geometric shapes of crystal faces.

Preparation of the Game:

Photocopy each page of this game onto light-colored heavy card stock paper. Laminate each page if possible. Cut apart the four game cards on each page and the eight calling cards on the other pages. Assemble a set of buttons, pennies, or Bingo chips to use as markers during play.

How to Play:

- Each player is given a Bingo Card and several markers.

- The calling cards are shuffled and placed face down in a stack.

- The caller chooses the first calling card from the stack and calls out the crystal shape name. Players search their cards to see if they have that shape. If the shape is present on a Bingo card, the player covers it with a marker.

- The caller calls the next crystal shape.

- Play continues until a player finds that three spaces in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) are covered on the player's card. The player calls, "Bingo!". The player must correctly identify all three shapes on the player's card that form the row. The caller checks the crystal shapes to make sure they were called and correctly identified.

- The winning player becomes the caller for the next round of Crystal Shape Bingo.