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Clays and clay Minerals journalPLEASE NOTE THAT ACCESS VIA INGENTA AND GSW PLATFORMS WILL BE DISCONTINUED AFTER SPRING 2019, FROM WHICH TIME, ALL ACCESS WILL BE VIA SPRINGER LINK. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS WILL BE ABLE TO LOG IN VIA THE MEMBERSHIP PORTAL TO ACCESS JOURNAL CONTENT ON THE SPRINGER SITE. Member access to CCM via Springer. Until then, please continue to follow the login instructions below to access older content from Clays and Clay Minerals on the Ingenta platform.

The Clay Minerals Society has restricted access to the online version of Clays and Clay Minerals to subscribers only. All users will be able to search the archive electronically and to view the abstracts of all papers, but unless you are a current subscriber, you will not be able to view the full text. Both individual and institutional subscribers will be able to arrange access, but the Society asks individual members to encourage their institution's library to arrange site-wide access to the journal, so that all users can benefit from use of this exciting new medium. Many librarians will be familiar with the process used by Ingenta for arranging online access. Register now!

Here are some simple steps to guide you through the Ingenta registration process:

  1. Click on the Institutions Register for Online Use or on the Members of CMS Register for Online Use
  2. Complete the form presented (Membership numbers can be found on mailing sheets which accompany the paper copy of the journal. Contact CMS subscription management for your membership number otherwise)
  3. You will be given a cid reference number which you should retain for future purposes
  4. Once you've completed the form, a message will be sent automatically to Ingenta who will check with the Clay Minerals Society that you are a current subscriber. Once that is confirmed, access will be granted, generally within two working days
  5. Next time you arrive at this page, just click on the image above to go straight to the journal

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